In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the software for your USB Video Capture Device up-and-running on your Windows PC.

Installing the Drivers for your Capture Device

Connect the USB Device up to your computer and follow the link below, once the downloaded run the installation which is enclosed.


Download and Installing iSpy

Now you need to get the software download to view the cameras on which you can get here.


Download the iSpy software onto your computer, if you know whether or not you have 32bit or 64 bit then download the correct one otherwise download the 32bit version.

Once you have downloaded iSpy you will want to extract the file, to do this right-click on it and select extract here.

Once extracted run the iSPySetup and follow through the installation.

Once the installation has finished you will get a shortcut on your desktop which you can double click on to load up the software.

You will get the below message pop up which you want to press allow on.

Press ok on the welcome message to close this box.

Adding your Camera to iSpy

Press the Add button and then select Local Camera.

You will now get the Video Source box show up, you want to make sure the Video Device is set to USB2.0 VIDBOX FW, it may also show up as USB 2861  and that the Video Resolution is set to 640 x 480.

Check that the Video Input is also set to 2. VideoComposite.

Press ok once you have set these settings as we don’t need to change anything else.

You will now get the below window show up on this page all you want to change is the Maximum Framerate to 25 and then the same for when recording.

Click on the finish button and then you will get a window show up which will have a camera feed in once connected up.


Your USB Capture Device is now installed and ready to be used to view live video feed from cameras connected.