By default the wired IP bird box camera does not have a password and it can be left blank. However, if you set a password and forgotten it or accidentally locked the camera you will need to follow this guide to get it reset.

Please note this is not the account password for the app to view the camera (XMEye or iCSee Pro), it is the password set on the camera itself which needs to be used when adding it to a new device. 

Before You Begin

  • Make sure that your wired IP bird box camera is powered on and connected to your internet router or PC.
  • Make sure that your PC is turned on.

Downloading the software and generating a code

The following instructions will show you how to reset the password for your wired IP bird box camera using a Windows PC. You cannot close the tools before the process is complete, as the reset tool will generate a new code every time it is opened.

1. Download and install the PC software using the link below:

2. Right click the downloaded file and select “Extract All…” to unzip the file.

3. Now, right click the file 'ResetACToolV5' and choose “Run as administrator”.

4. In the pop up screen, choose “Yes”, so the software can be installed on your computer.

5. If a message saying “Windows protected your PC” pops up, click 'More info' to reveal the option 'Run anyway'.

6. When the program opens up, copy the code as shown in the example screenshot below and send it to '' with the title 'NCIP2 password reset', we will send you back a password which matches your unique code, so don't close down the program while you are waiting.

7. When you have received the password click 'Search', the tool will discover the camera in the same local network. Tick the check box in the 'NO' column next to 'IP address' and tick the check box next to 'IPC'.

8. Now click 'Reset Account' to restore the camera to factory settings. Once it is reset, you can connect to the camera using the username 'admin' and leaving the password field blank. 

We hope you have found this guide useful. If it has not answered your question you can see related articles on the right or raise a ticket.