This guide only applies to the NCIP2WF which was released in December 2019, if you have an older model of the camera have a look at our guide for the NCIP9WF. If you are unsure check on the box or your invoice.

Power up the camera and allow about 30 seconds for the camera to boot.

While you're waiting, download the app iCSee Pro onto your phone or tablet.

Triple-press the white button on the end of the camera’s cable. This switches the camera to “AP mode”.

Now on your iOS device, open Settings > Wi-Fi and connect to network with the name in the following form: IPC_XXXX. The password for this network is 1234567890.

Next, open the iCSee Pro app and tap Local Login

To add a new device, select the + icon in the top-right.

Now tap More in the top right > Add device in same WLAN.

This will search for the camera and it should then appear in the menu, click on the camera and this will add it to your device list.

Tap on the camera and then on the Settings cog on the top-right.

Go to Network Settings.

AP Mode will be selected – change this to routing mode and then in the box below select your WiFi network’s name and input your WiFi network’s password. If the name of your Wi-Fi network isn't listed then just manually enter it, then type in your password.

Tap Save. This will connect the camera to your WiFi network.

It will now ask you to give your camera a name and set a password for it.

Tap on your camera from the device list to show the live view.

You should now be able to see live video over WiFi from your bird box camera!

If you want to get the device easily added to other devices, don't worry, you won't need to go through this process again, just follow this guide to get it done in a few minutes!