Purpose of The Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your new wired HD IP Bird Box Camera so that you can view it on your phone or tablet whether you are at home with the camera or away from the property.

Watch this video for a comprehensive setup guide including wiring it up:

Or for a quick setup guide using the app watch this video instead:

Before You Begin

  • Make sure that your camera is wired correctly to protect from water damage, as detailed in this guide.
  • Install the ICSee Pro app on your mobile phone or tablet. If you are using an Android device click here and if you are using an iPhone or iPad click here.
  • Make sure that your phone or tablet is connected to the same internet network as the camera.

Let's Get Started

First open ICSee Pro on your chosen device. 

On the home screen press Local Login. You can also create an account instead, but it is not necessary. The advantages of using an account are:

  • Simply download the app onto another device and log in to that account to access the cameras instead of manually adding them again.
  • Access the notifications/motion alarm settings to be able to receive remote alerts on your Android/iOS device.

Now tap the icon in the top right, then tap More and Add Device in the same WLAN.

The app will now scan your local network to find the camera. After a few seconds it should appear in the list, just tap on it to add the camera. Sometimes the same camera will show up twice, this doesn't matter, either one should work.

The app will now take you back to the Smart Device list, just tap on the placeholder image of a fireplace and sofas to begin viewing the live camera feed.