This guide shows you how to set up your Wired HD IP Bird Box Camera so that you can watch wildlife footage on your phone or tablet whether you're at home or on the go.

Before you begin

  • Install the ICSee Pro app on your mobile phone or tablet. If you're using an Android device click here and if you're using an iPhone or iPad click here.

Setup video

If you prefer a video, watch George run you through the setup:

How to connect the cables

First, empty out the bag that contains the parts for the waterproof connector. You should have all the items below:

Now you need to assemble the waterproof connector, this ensures that when the camera is in place in your garden there'll be minimal chance of water getting to the connection and causing damage to the camera.

If you look at the picture above you will see the four parts are numbered, what you need to do is assemble them as shown in the image below.

If your network cable has a plastic sheath on the end, you can push it down as shown in this video:

Parts 1, 2 and 3 are placed on the cable that will connect the camera to your router or network video recorder (NVR). Part 4, the small O-Ring, is placed on the connection from the camera, making sure that it sits flush against the body of the connector.

Now plug the cable into the camera and clip part 3 on to the connector on the camera:

Slide part 2 down the cable until it sits underneath the plastic fins at the end of part 3:

Finally, screw part 4 on to the end of part 3:

You now have a waterproof ethernet connection for your camera. Whilst we don't recommend submerging the connection it will provide a good level of protection against the elements in your garden.

How to connect your camera

The next step is to connect the camera to your network using the POE injector included in your bird box camera kit.

Your POE Injector has two ethernet ports: one labelled POE and one labelled LAN. Connect the cable from the camera to the POE port and connect the other cable from the LAN port to your router. Make sure that the POE injector is also connected to a power socket using the included power cable. Your setup should now look like the image below, with one cable running from the POE injector to your camera and one cable going back into your router.

Connecting a daytime bird box lamp (optional)

If you have purchased a daytime bird box lamp to go with the camera kit, you have two ways of powering it, depending how the camera is being powered.

POE Injector

If you are using a POE injector to power the camera, then you can simply connect the male 'power out' jack on the daytime bird box lamp into the female 'power in' jack on the camera. The reason this works, despite the lamp being connected to what would normally be the jack for the camera to receiver power, is because the camera receives both an internet connection and power from the POE injector, via an ethernet cable, which allows it to then supply power via the female port on the camera.

12V mains power supply

If you are using a standard 12V power supply to power the camera, you can connect the power supply into the female 'power in' connector on the bird box daytime lamp. Then connect the male 'power out' jack into the female jack on the camera, allowing both to be powered by a single power supply. Remember that you will also need to connect an ethernet cable to the camera to allow it to connect to the internet.

Connecting it to the internet

Here's a quick setup guide to using the app:

First open ICSee Pro on your device. 

On the home screen press Local Login. You can also create an account instead, but it is not necessary. The advantages of using an account are that:

  • You can log in via your account on other devices
  • You can access notifications/motion alarm settings and receive alerts on your Android/iOS device.

Now tap the icon in the top right, then tap More and Add Device in the same Router.

The app will now scan your local network to find the camera. After a few seconds it should appear in the list, just tap on it to add the camera. Sometimes the same camera will show up twice, this doesn't matter, either one should work.

The app will now take you back to the Smart Device list, just tap on the image of a fireplace and sofas to begin viewing your live camera feed.

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Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.