This guide will show you how to share live and pre-recorded videos from iCSee Pro using the 'snip' feature that can be seen on the live view and playback windows. This guide applies to both Android and Apple devices.

Before You Begin

  • Make sure that your camera is connected to your network and set up on iCSee Pro.
  • If you want to share previously recorded videos please insert an SD card in to your camera. Unplug your camera from the power before you insert the card or the camera will not recognise the SD card.

Let's Get Started

First, go to the live video feed of the camera you want to share videos from. If you want to share a live video just select the scissors icon (circled in blue) to start recording, then tap it to stop. Then scroll to the bottom of this article to see how to share it. Otherwise, click on the 'Playback' button to head to your previously recorded videos on the SD card.

Now go to the beginning of the video you want to share and tap the scissors icon (circled in red) to start recording. If you want to share an older video select the calendar icon (circled in blue) to select a different date.

Now select the timer icon (circled in red) to stop recording.

Now go back to the 'Smart Device' menu and select 'Mobile Storage'.

Hold your finger on the clip you want to share to activate 'selecting mode', then tap the video you want to share. You will see a small green tick (circled in red).

Now click the 'Share' icon (circled in red) and you will see some options for which apps to share the clip to.

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.