This program is not compatible with Big Sur, the latest version of MacOS. You can use OBS Studio instead; follow the first half of this guide to get it set up.

Thank you for purchasing one of our USB Video Capture Devices. To set this up on your Mac, please follow this guide. If you have a Windows computer, please follow this guide instead.

You can download the software for Mac from the App Store or by using the link below:


Once you download this you will be prompted to install Debut, once this is downloaded, install it and then you can open the program using the Debut icon.           

Click on the webcam icon, and the live feed of the camera should now display.

If this doesn't work, please go to Preferences, then Video. Under webcam you will need to select 'AV to USB'. Now go to Audio and select the same thing.

If this still doesn't work please try using the device in a different USB port on your Mac.