If this isn't the first time you have set this camera up, then first of all it is a good idea to reset the camera by holding down the white button for 30-40 seconds. The camera will click twice, which means it has been reset to factory defaults.  

Power up the camera and allow 30-60 seconds for the camera to boot. It will click once after booting up.

While you're waiting, download the app iCSee Pro onto your phone or tablet.

Triple-press the white button on the end of the camera’s cable. This switches the camera to “AP mode”. This stands for 'Access Point mode', which means the camera will start broadcasting it's own Wi-Fi network which allows you to connect to the camera.

Now on your iOS or Android device, open Settings > Wi-Fi and connect to network with the name in the following form: IPC_XXXX. The password for this network is 1234567890.

Next, open the iCSee Pro app and tap Local Login

To add a new device, select the + icon in the top-right.

Now tap More in the top right > Add device in same Router.

This will search for the camera and it should then appear in the menu, click on the camera and this will add it to your device list.

Tap on the camera; you will now notice that you can view the live image from the camera.

To use the internet again, you will need to re-connect your device to your normal internet connection. This will disconnect you from the camera. Any time you want to view the camera or recordings, you will need to get within range of the IPC/BEYE Wi-Fi signal and connect your device to it again.

Hints & Tips

  • Make sure that you can disconnect and reconnect your camera to the BEYE/IPC network before installing it in the bird box
  • After installing the camera in the box, ensure the camera is focused properly
  • Keep the antenna pointing upwards as this improves the Wi-Fi range

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.