This guide only applies to the NCIP2WF which was released in December 2019, if you have an older model of the camera have a look at our guide for the NCIP9WF. If you are unsure check on the box or your invoice.

  • This is the recommended setup method for this model of camera, but if it doesn't work we recommend you try this alternative method instead
  • Do not mount the camera into the bird box until you know it is working correctly and connected to your Wi-Fi router
  • Check the Wi-Fi strength at the site of your bird box using a smartphone or tablet
  • Plug in the power supply into the trailing cable of the camera
  • If using a MicroSD card, insert the card into the slot before powering up
  • Download the app onto your smartphone or tablet - search for iCSee Pro on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android
  • Remove the lens cap on the camera, and after installing in the box ensure the camera is focused properly
  • Make sure you enable location (in high accuracy mode instead of battery saver mode) on your phone, and allow the app to access the location if it app prompts you to do so

Here our setup video if you prefer to watch:

First off, reset the camera by holding down the white button for 30-40 seconds. The camera will click twice, which means it has been reset to factory defaults. 

Without waiting too long, now open up iCSee Pro and tap on Local Login. You can also create an account instead, but it is not necessary. The advantages of using an account are:

  • Simply download the app onto another device and log in to that account to access the cameras instead of manually adding them again.
  • Access the notifications/motion alarm settings to be able to receive remote alerts on your Android/iOS device.

Click the + icon in the top right of the screen.

Click on "Set up my device to Wi-Fi".

Click on "Next step".

You should now see your internet network name appear, please enter your network password in the password box and press confirm.

When the app has found your camera it should ask you to enter a password for the camera. Please enter the same password in both fields. 

If the camera does not connect to the router at this point, this may be because you have a modern 5GHz Wi-Fi router, which needs to be configured before the camera can connect to it. If you think this is the case, please read this guide.

On the next page enter a name for the camera.

The app should now take you through to the device list with your camera showing. Simply click on your camera to bring up the live video feed.

Hints & Tips

  • Make sure the camera successfully connects to your network before you mount it outside
  • Keep the antenna pointing upwards as this improves the Wi-Fi range
  • To improve the range of your Wi-Fi signal, purchase a Wi-Fi extender kit
  • If you want to get the device easily added to other phones, tablets or computers, you won't need to go through this process again, just follow this guide to get it done in a few minutes!
  • If you want to live stream your camera feed to Youtube, follow this guide.