This guide will show you how to access your camera remotely using nothing but a computer with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and the serial number of your camera.

If you plan to use Google Chrome, you will first need to follow this guide to install an extension onto Chrome which allows it to run Internet Explorer as a tab.

Before you begin, make sure that your camera has been connected to a Wi-Fi router successfully, this method will not work otherwise.

First, go to using Internet Explorer, and click on 'Install ActiveX' at the top right. This is necessary for the page to function.

Now click on 'By Device' to log in using the serial number and account details of your camera. Follow this guide to find the serial number, if you don't already know it. The username is always admin, and the password will be blank unless you have personally set a password on the camera. Don't forget to enter the captcha code underneath as well, this will be randomly generated every time you load the page.

Once you have entered the serial number, username, password and captcha code, click 'Login and Preview'.

You will be presented with the page below. 'Main' and 'Extra' stream refers to the quality of the video stream. Main stream is high quality, extra stream is low quality, for low bandwidth connections.

'Auto Prompt' refers to the motion alerts which the camera will create in Internet Explorer that automatically appear, you can turn off the auto prompt to hide these alerts.

Now you should see the live image of the camera, although probably less blurry than my example:

You can access the camera settings by clicking 'DeviceCfg' at the top of the screen. Most of these settings are not needed by the average user, but if you have any questions then get in contact with us, and we will do our best to help.

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