This guide will show you how to edit the motion detection settings of your IP bird box camera using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Before you begin

If you want to receive notifications via iCSee Pro on a phone/tablet, make sure you are logged in using an account rather than Local Login, and add the camera to that account.

First, follow this guide to see how to access the camera using Internet Explorer:

If you plan to use Google Chrome, you will need to follow this guide to install an extension onto Chrome which allows it to run Internet Explorer as a tab (also covered in the guide above).

If you know the local IP address of the camera and you are connected to the same internet router as it, just use your local IP address instead.

Notification settings

To check your app notification settings, click on Device Cfg, click on the cog wheel icon for Settings > NetService.

Now select App Push and tick the 'Enable' box.

Motion detection settings

To check your motion detection settings go to Device Cfg > Alarm > Video Motion:

Make sure the settings are the same as the highlighted sections in the screenshot below:

Next go to Setting > Record > Record:

In this screenshot you can see the camera has been set to record continuously 24/7 and has also been set to watch for motion 24/7. If you want to set the camera to only record when it detects motion, un-tick 'Regular'. 

You can also change the specific times and days this applies to, so you can set the camera to only record on motion during night time, and record continuously otherwise.

When that's done go to Setting > System > General:

Make sure that the time zone, date and time are correct on the device (the time doesn't have to be exactly correct). If it is not correct this can cause issues with notifications and playback.

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.