This article will link you to some resources to show you how to set up a Wi-Fi or wired IP bird box camera as a virtual webcam on a Windows or Apple computer.

There will likely be more lag than a normal webcam, but this works great if you want to show off your bird box camera during a Skype or Discord call; once it's set up you can simply change the webcam which your program is using to start displaying the bird box camera feed.

Before You Begin

Let's Get Started

If you are using Windows:

Install the necessary plugin from here:

If that doesn't work, try the outdated version:

If you are using an Apple computer:

Install the necessary plugin from here:

Now restart your computer.

Now open up OBS Studio and select Tools > VirtualCam.

You will see a window pop up like the below screenshot:

VirtualCam Settings

AutoStart: This will automatically start the webcam when OBS Studio is opened.

Horizontal Flip: This is buggy according to the developer, and flipping the image should be done using the camera interface.

Target Camera: This plug-in can be used to run up to four virtual webcams, here you can assign which name you like to the camera that is currently running.

Buffered Frames: You can choose how many frames to delay the live image by. More buffered frames means a smoother, but more delayed live feed.

Once this is set up, simply access the settings in your chosen program (Skype for example) and change the webcam in use to 'OBS Camera'.

Need more help?

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