By default the wired IP bird box camera does not have a password and it can be left blank. However, if you set a password and forgotten it or accidentally locked the camera you will need to follow this guide to get it reset.

Please note this is not the account password for the app to view the camera (XMEye or iCSee Pro), it is the password set on the camera itself which needs to be used when adding it to a new device. 

This guide only works for the wired model of this camera pictured below:

This guide DOES NOT WORK for the Wi-Fi versions of this camera (pictured below). If you have the Wi-Fi version of this camera which has an antenna and a white button, just hold down the white button on the camera lead for 30 seconds until you hear it click twice. This will reset the camera password, but it will also need to be set up once more and reconnected to your Wi-Fi router.

If you are still unsure which model of camera you have, take a look at this article.

You will need to download XMeye Pro, also need a Windows PC / Smartphone / IPad

Application download. Andriod Apple.

You will also need a PC, you will need to locate the IP address of the camera.

Please note you must use internet explorer (As this camera only supports ActiveX 

Once this located, you input that into an internet explorer for example the IP address of my camera is, in put it into the address bar in internet explorer your page should look like this.

 Click on ?

then forget.

Then your page should look like this.

Then you need to open Xmeye Pro on your phone/logging if with your cloud ID, if not just Local+ at the bottom.

then your page should look like this.

Click on the icon I have circles red. top left, then it should bring up the QR code scanner, Scan the Code on the PC, using your mobile phone, just point the phone towards the QR code.

Then your phone / Ipad should give you a 6 digit code, you need to input it into the verification code.

Then you can change the password you want to.

Change the password to what you want to, then you will just go back into the camera, it will ask you for the password again, then just input the password you changed it to, then you should see the live feed of the camera.